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    We are Central European based experienced entrepreneurs looking to support and invest in the most passionate startuppers, women & innovative SMEs. Our mission is to help 1+3 months incubation in the heart of Europe and the leader startup Centre: London, Silicon Valley, Tel-aviv


    "The Connect East Incubator mission is to find the most innovative early stage Teams in the CEE region, and connect them to the global market. Experts and mentors of the incubator already educate the Hungarian entrepreneur ecosystem, but transformed the projects ready for the market only now." - Tamas Turcsan, Founder

    The Connect East Story

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    Experts with international experiences, and mentors are available, who are helping the Hungarian startups right now. We have the needed professional and university contacts for a successful program, and the building of international ones is in progress. The Hungarian innovation sector is open for the new initiatives and has been waiting for an initiative like this.


    Bridging the gap of women entrepreneurs and talents and bring them to European level are the biggest motivations of The Connect East Incubator. Notwithstanding improvement of the European platform and complementarity of the existing IHH network is important as well, that is reachable via development of talents and support of women entrepreneurs with encouragement to use the European innovations of IIH network.


    The History of the Connect East at a Glance

    Some milestones from 2018 to today

    • SUU / Demo08 event

      We are one of the founders of SUU (Startup Underground) / Demo08 events in Hungary.

    • Mobile Weekend event

      We have organized the first Mobile Weekend conference in Budapest.

    • First Hackathon-in-the-Box event

      We have organized more than 21 Hackathon event in Hungary and in the CEE region too.

    • We launched our 1st CEE Women Startup Competition

      Organized by GF Social Media, this startup competition could be the biggest one yet in Hungary, featuring women startuppers from the CEE / SEE region. In the last event we communicated the event in two tiers: first we will organize an online competition for the most popular and influential startuppers in the area, then the winners of this poll asked to be the online jury for the main startup competition.

    • The Connect East Incubator launched

      We finally launch our incubator to support, help and invest the most passionate startuppers, women entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs.

  • Corporate Services

    Why The Connect East?

    The Connect East provides the necessary velocity to help the world’s corporations tap into the global startup ecosystem and drive real outcomes with startups.


    Corporate Innovation
    RocketSpace has helped 170+ global brands fuel topline revenue growth with successful startup partnerships.




    Develop a comprehensive innovation strategy that provides you with tangible outcomes and drives revenue.

    • What is your long-term vision and roadmap?
    • What are the key components of your innovation strategy?
    • What are the key stakeholders?
    • What does success look like?



    Pilot or prototype new solutions, plan for integration across business, operations and technical teams. In this phase, we:

    • Identify an approach that achieves your business's objectives: proof-of-concept? Prototype? Pilot? Or minimum viable product?
    • Identify how a particular new technology would work with your corporate's current tech stack, operations infrastructure and business model



    Execution is everything. We walk your corporation through any and all partnership and investment opportunities with startups to ensure success for all.

    • How you structure a partnershipor investment opportunity?
    • How do you scale a new technology?
  • The Team Behind the Connect East Incubator

    Our team combines knowledge with passion, creativity, and dedication and long time startup market experience.

    Tamás Turcsán

    COO & Founder

    Tamás Müller

    CMO & Co-Founder

  • The Mentor Team of the Connect East Incubator

    Nimrod Cohen

    Mentor, Serial entrepreneur and investor in the web and mobile industries. Izrael

    Andras Kristof

    Mentor, Entrepreneur, optimist. CEO @ Tembusu Systems, Singapore

    Hrish Lotlikar

    Mentor, Venture capital, investment banking, management consulting. Managing Partner of EastLabs, US

    Renee Moore

    Mentor, International Entrepreneur
    Creator, Business Beyond Borders. Germany

    Byant Haywarde

    Mentor, Venture Capital. Managing Partner- Co- Founder Northwest Quadrant Ventures. US

    Jakob Gajšek

    Mentor, Co-Founder & Head of Venture Relations ABC Accelerator, Slovenia

    Paul Dowling

    Mentor, Angel, Founder of Dreamstake on-line accelerator, investor, UK

    Vaclav Vincalek

    Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur in Information Technology, Big Data and Social Media, Canada

  • Partners

    Our contracted partners

    Igor Ovcharenko Seedstars World Svájc, Genf

    Szalay Péter IBM Magyarország

    Homer Xu Invest Shenzhen Shenzhen, Kína

    Nimrod Cohen Plus Ventures Izrael, Tel Aviv

    Bihari Béla IT Plus cluster Románia, Erdély

    Daniel Kirilly Camtech Szingapúr // Cambridge

    Vaclav Vincalek Urban Ventures Network Inc Kanada, Vancouver

    Agustion Moro Wayra (Telefónica) Open Future Spanyolország, Barcelona

    Alfredo Coppola US Mac USA, Kalifornia

    Aiming Kubasi HITC (Hungarian Innovation and Technology Center) Kína, Hong Kong

    Vicze Gábor Innomine Group Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság Magyarország – USA / Budapest – Silicon Valley

    Agustion Moro OpenAxel Accelerator Belgium, Brüsszel

    Shuren Sun Startup Incubator and Collaboration Association Kína, Peking

    Luka Planinc ABC Accelerator Szlovénia, Ljubjana

    Vicze Gábor Innomine Magyarország, Budapest

    Rishi Metha Startup expert India, Új-Delhi

    Tihana Marelja ZIP Horvátország, Zágráb

    Tinatin Gholazde Young Entrepreneurs Association Grúzia, Tibiliszi

    Böszörményi-Nagy Gergely Design Terminál Magyarország, Budapest

    Fadi Swidan Nazareth Accelerator Izrael, Názáret

    Kamal Hassan Innovation 360 DMCC Dubai, UAE

    Szigeti Attila Pechuth Inkubátor Magyarország, Pécs

    Leiting Li Chongqing High-tech Incubation Centre Kína, Csungking

    Patrick Cahill Queen Mary University of London – qLegal Egyesült Királyság, London

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  • Virtual University

    Our next program for Universities

    Virtual University

    Virtual University is a complex system, which helps students make learning easy. They can put their knowledge of economics and business-doing to the test as well. This system introduces them the everyday life and tasks enterprises are usually facing.


    Virtual University consists of two platforms:

    - Virtual Enterpreneurship platform: this platform models how an actual enterprise works thus giving a practical knowledge beside the theoretical basics.

    - Digital Notes platform: allows students to access different kind of notes in a unified form on the same place.

    This system works in a closed, invite-only way. Invited users (students, teachers etc.) after signing in, are landing on a customized page, where they can read the latest news, messages and browse ongoing tasks.

    The Virtual Enterprises platform is an online game about economy which helps students deepen their knowledge of life-cycle analysis of enterprises beyond the theoretical lectures of their studies.

    Enterprises might get assignments from students (in accordance with their faculty, grade and subject). These are assigned by organisations run by professorships and managed by insider and outsider mentors with organisational membership.


    The Digital Note platform provides the opportunity for the teachers and the outsider mentors to create curriculum and allows other teachers and mentors to view each others documents, notes and tasks either.

    Students have the full access to their previous and current subjects, enterprise related curricula, notes, documents and tasks.

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